video commercial scripts

Our script bundle pack is currently on sale and consists of 15 scripts for the following niches:

General Dentist                                Chiropractor                                    Dermatologist

Weight Loss Center                         General Practice Physician              Day Spa

Hair Salon                                        Tanning Salon                                  Fitness Center

Hair Loss Center                              Electrician                                        Handyman

Plumber                                           HVAC                                                Roofer


The scripts are 175-200 words, which will give you a video that’s around one minute long, depending on your voice over artist’s speed.

We will be adding new ones soon but if you can’t wait or you have need a script for a specialty niche, click here to contact us.

Want a Sample?

I made the video below using my party planner script. Check it out to get an idea of the style of our scripts.

How Scripts Can be Used
You may use the scripts to create videos for yourself or for your offline clients ONLY. You MAY NOT resell or give away the scripts anywhere. You also MAY NOT use them to create videos which you plan to sell to any marketers, on any internet marketing sites or forums, like Warrior Forum or on auction sites, like eBay. If you’re unclear about this, click here to contact me for clarification.

Video Scripts by Kai